24″ Inch Plastic Long Handled Shoe Horn

Material: Plastic

Color: Various

Length: 24.00" inches

Width: 1.88" inches

Weight: 3.80 oz


24 inch Extra Long Handle Shoe Horn - Perfect For Putting On Your Shoes or Boots While Standing

Made From Pro High Tech Plastic Providing Sturdy and Long Term Usage

Easy Grip Handle (Entire Palm Grip) - Great for Seniors with Assisted Mobility Issues

Large Easy Grip Assisted Mobility Black Shoe Horn for Boots & Shoes

Tall Wide Extended Plastic Handle Perfect for Men, Women, Seniors, and the Elderly

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26″ Inch Heavy Solid Metal Stainless Steel Shoehorn

Material: Metal

Color: Chrome/Silver

Length: 26" inches

Width: 2" inches

Weight: 11.74 oz


26" Solid Metal Shoe Horn is one of the best steel shoehorns out in the market. Its sleek design with the loop handle makes it is easier to grip more than any other shoehorn. The wide mouth and perfect angle make sliding on your shoes more convenient than ever. Our shoehorn is made to last a lifetime. From using it, you will feel that the item is made from high quality heavy solid metal. Being 26" inches It is also the perfect length for both men and women, but it is also a great aid for the elderly and people experiencing lower back problems.

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20" / 12" Shoe Horn with Loop (2 pack) - Long & Short Handled Shoehorn

Material: Plastic

Color: Red / Black / Brown

Length: 20" in / 12" in

Width: 2" in

Weight: 5.6 oz


Avoid Damaging Your Shoes Forever Using Our Shoehorn 

A good shoehorn has one purpose and one purpose only and that's to make putting on your shoes a breeze without bending, back pains, or aches.  It is 20 inches and 12 inches long made from a sturdy high tech plastic, making it possible for anyone to put on their shoes without over bending or leaning. It is ideal for the elderly that need some assisted mobility or anyone that wants to avoid the hassle of putting on their shoes. It comes with a handle loop so you can easily hang your shoehorn when done. This handle makes it easy for anyone to grip and hold. The grip of the handle is slightly tilted from the rest of the body of the shoehorn making it the ideal angle for putting on your shoes or boots. 


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